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There are numerous choices out there if you feel the temptation to spy on your nanny, such as cameras disguised as household items such as alarm clocks, lamps, stuffed toys, and tissue boxes. In accordance with the article,”Counter Spy Shops, a global retail chain, reports a 25 percent increase in sales of these devices – often called”nanny cams,” – over the previous five decades.”On the other hand, I know when leaving your child with a stranger,”you can not be TOO cautious”. Not to ignore the fact that it does let some working parents to feel more connected and involved when they can see the going-ons of the house throughout the day. Should you make the decision on setting up a surveillance program, the big question is: Do we track? Or do we spy? – Quite simply, are we going to let the grandma know that he/she will be videotaped?Honestly, as a nanny/babysitter, I’d rather never be videotaped at all. The thought of someone watching my every move makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up a little. However, if I were interviewing with a family and they tell me upfront that they’d like to be able to monitor the household, I might still consider taking the job, especially if they are honest and clear with why they’ve decided to do it. My only concern is when they are using the camera not just to guarantee the safety of the child, but to nit-pick and scrutinize my every move, so if this turns out to not be the situation, I really don’t see any reason for it to be a deal-breaker.Now moving on to the spying option, where the Bond gadgets arrive in. I am sure it is no surprise that my guidance for that is: Do not do it. The main point is, if you want to ensure the well-being of your child through surveillance, you will achieve the same goal being honest about it. The only real reason I can think of needing to covertly spy on somebody is to’catch’ them doing something bad. However, if you have reason to suspect negligence or abuse. . .why do you continue working with the identical babysitter? And what if your roommate inadvertently melts that lamp with the hidden camera and finds out? How mortifying would that be for everybody involved? And what would it do to the connection he/she has already established with your family, that you may be quite happy with?Every family differs, as is their strategy to child care, but I think everyone should be comfortable with the situation, including the babysitter. If I were working with a family which did not feel completely comfortable leaving their children with meI probably would not take it personally, but I would definitely not work together again. When looking for a great babysitter for your family, it boils down to communication, honesty, and hope from all to make it a positive relationship. Therefore, if you’re considering that the’nanny cam’ for whatever reason, do not neglect to consider how it may influence these vital components for everyone involved. For more info visit >>>

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