Struggling to Think of New Blog Posts? Think of Hundreds of New Posts Easily

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Three of my groups as of late referenced that they were battling to consider new blog entry subjects and inquired as to whether I had any guidance for them.

I completely like that it should be a troublesome, distressing and stressing undertaking to attempt to think about a blog entry consistently, in the event that you haven’t prepared. I gave them a straightforward instrument and now they have more blog entry thoughts than they realize how to manage.

In the event that you have a comparable issue, all you need a few extra hours and a stack of A4 paper and I guarantee you that you will have more blog entries than you realize how to manage. After you have finished this activity your issue will be more about what request to compose the posts in, as opposed to focusing on every day about discovering a point to blog about.

What we will do is to make a “mind map” of your blog. The additional time you spend on this the better your blog will be, however you can do the fundamental arrangement in under twenty minutes.

Take a clear piece of paper and in the focal point of this sheet, compose the focal subject of your blog in a limit of a few words; web advertising, innovation, wellbeing and wellness, bringing in cash, vehicles and bicycles, unfamiliar occasions and so on

With the end goal of this activity I will utilize a focal subject of “Web Marketing”.

Draw a circle around your focal topic words. Presently draw various similarly separated bolts transmitting from this focal topic. At this stage I would recommend you start with 6, 8, or 10, and you can add or deduct these later.

Draw a little circle toward the finish of every bolt and in each circle compose a sub-point that is straightforwardly identified with your focal subject. This turns into your control sheet.

Utilizing “Web Marketing” as the focal topic I may pick;

Publishing content to a blog

Online Media



Bringing in Money

Member Marketing



For every one of these sub-themes rehash the activity you have recently accomplished for Internet Marketing on another piece of paper.

For instance, on one piece of paper I would state “Publishing content to a blog” in the focal point of the sheet, and on a second piece of paper I would express “Web-based Media, etc for every one of my themes.

Once more, draw 6, 8 or 10, similarly separated bolts transmitting from the focal topics of “publishing content to a blog” and “online media” and draw a little circle toward the finish of every bolt.

In these circles, compose sub-points that are straightforwardly identified with the focal subject.

For “Contributing to a blog” I may pick;

Picking a blog have

Make a blog

Picking a subject

Instructions to compose a post

Step by step instructions to alter a post

Picking a title for each post


Website design enhancement nuts and bolts


Post partnership

For “Web-based Media” I may pick;

The significance of online media







Now, in the event that you had begun with your focal subject and considered only eight sub-points and a further eight themes for every one of these sub-themes you currently have SIXTY-FOUR separate however connected thoughts for your blog.

Presently it begins to get truly energizing. How about we take the “online media” theme and use “Facebook” as the sub-point.

Get another piece of paper and state “Facebook” as the focal topic and consider as a wide range of parts of Facebook (FB) that you could

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