Manali the Rich Legacy and Scintillating Beauty – Hotels in Manali

Manali based in the majestic Himalayas of Himachal Pradesh has a deep rich heritage making it a culturally rich hill station of India.

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Located at the peak of 6398 ft in the north end of Kullu Valley, Manali serves as a perfect tourist destination featuring exotic places, snow capped mountains, tranquil environment and homely tourists. There are a variety of hotels in Manali offering travel desk facilities and also arrange for excursions to some of the most beautiful spiritual and religious places of Manali.The rich tradition of Manali also has ancient roots. It’s believed that Brahma’s law abiding Manu had come here after surviving the deluge that had ruined the entire human race. Manu is thus thought to be the survivor and father of the present human race. There’s also a temple devoted to this devoted blossom in Old Manali. It’s merely 3 km from the main market of Manali. Aside from this rich heritage, Manali is also famous for its cultural values and other religious places. Here are certain areas that bring you closer to soul stirring experiences in ManaliHadimba temple: A ancient temple to the name of Goddess Hidimba is one of the most visited temples of Manali. The temple is about 500 years old and is devoted to Goddess Hadimba, spouse of the strongest Pandava Bhima. The temple is also known as Dhungiri temple, also the name it has derived from the woods Dhungiri Van Vihar amidst which it’s located. The temple is four storeys tall and made of wooden construction. The gorgeous front entrance of the temple leads you to the temple complex. The inside of the temple is beautiful with carvings of mythical symbols. The exterior of the temple is equally enchanting as the forest around it functions an ideal gateway for recreational activities and an ideal picnic spot.Buddhist Monasteries: There are many monasteries in Kullu Manali region. These Gompas or Buddhist monasteries provide an early touch to the place. They are exceptional in preserving the Tibet’s culture and art. There are three modern monasteries in Manali.The Dashal temple: It’s devoted to lord Shiva and is marked by intricate carvings which make it an cute architectural piece too. Other famous temples of the region are the Vashishta temple, Dhankia Mahadeva Temple, Raghunath ji temple, Brij Mahadev Temple and Kali Bari temple. In all, it can be outlined that apart from a natural amazing beauty, Manali is also bestowed with a rich heritage and cultural roots. This makes Manali a must see tourist destination. Pocket friendly resorts in Manali and affordable tour packages serve as a significant boost because of its tourism and help inflow of tourists in the area.

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